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Traverse City, MI 49686

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We would like to thank all of our Grand Cru sponsors for contributing to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan.

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Making Dreams Come True

It’s about giving children hope – hope for a brighter future! Big Brothers Big Sisters has been providing mentoring services to at-risk children nationally since 1904 and locally since 1970.


Over 10,000 children in our local region are living in a single-parent home; many live with a grandparent or in foster care; and 90% of this population is living in poverty.  Imagine, growing up without life’s basic necessities, including spending time with one caring adult on a consistent basis.


When a child in need is matched with a mentor, someone who spends time with them on a consistent basis, someone who listens, and someone who cares, their entire world changes, they begin to discover opportunities and possibilities they never dreamed existed.  They begin to believe in themselves.  Suddenly their attendance and academic performance at school improves; their willingness to try new things and make new friends significantly increases; and they are on their way to becoming self-reliant, independent young adults with an exciting future ahead of them.

Cecilia Chesney, Executive Director
 Bigs of Northwestern Michigan

Turning a Vision into Reality



Best friends, business partners (Dining in the Vines and numerous wine events each year), neighbors and fishing buddies, working together on this event was inevitable, and  something they have talked about for years.


“Combining a very worthy cause with the right timing, and the idea was put in motion.  Blending our passion for wine with making a real impact in our community seemed like a No-Brainer,” said Spencer Stegenga, proprietor of Bowers Harbor Vineyard. 


“Spencer and I are always kicking around ideas on how to put together our two business models to create food and wine destination events, and this seemed like a natural fit," said Doug Kosch, Board Member for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Owner of the Boathouse Restaurant. 


The two are working hard to create such an event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan, combining their talents and energy to raise money for local children, while also raising a glass a of wine!

Doug Kosch
Owner of Boathouse Restaurant
Spencer Stegenga
Proprietor Bowers Harbor Vineyards